SnagFilms: just like Netflix but free

SnagFilms is very similar to what you get at Netflix, but It’s free of charge and it will expose you to a different library of movies. So, if you are getting a bit bored with the titles, added to your Netflix queue, or you just want to experiment with a free streaming platform, SnagFilms is a good choice.

Why we love it

First, it has a good categorization structure, so that you can pinpoint the genres that you care about and take a deep dive inside.

Second, the service will take into account the flicks you’ve watched and start recommending some new options you should consider.

Third, lots of movies are available in high-quality formats (i.e. 720p and 1080p) which is very rare for free streaming services of this kind.

In addition, just like on Netflix, you can add movies to your queue, so that there‚Äôs always some suggestions to go through. And there’s not so many shown throughout the movies (2-3 per one title) which is rather slim in comparison with its competitors.

Shay Perry

Shay Perry

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