IndieFlix: alternative to Netflix for independent movies

For those who are looking for more exposure to indie and festival-circuit films, IndieFlix is a great alternative to Netflix. Even though Netflix might have some of these movies, you’ll never be able to locate those gems under tons of pop-culture mediocre movies on the platform.

Why we love IndieFlix

First, it’s not that expensive with the $5 monthly subscription price tag.

Second, as compared to other indie/arthouse streaming platforms, it’s less selective and snarky and brings a tremendously wide range of movies in all kinds of genres.

Third, these guys are all about the social impact that the ability to make a difference in the world.

They won’t allow some BS movies into the platform, but always look to bring forward a positive change by helping people like you and me to get acquainted with various cultures, narratives and stories from around the world.

And that’s what the indie cinema is at the core, right?

Shay Perry

Shay Perry

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