Docsville: alternative to Netflix for documentary lovers

If you love documentaries and want to expose yourself to more doc flics in your life, Docsville is a great option to try out. It’s different from Netflix and other similar offerings because it’s a niche-specific streaming platform.

Why it’s a great choice

First, all of the documentaries at Docsville are handpicked by the team that has been working with documentaries for decades.

Second, it costs only $5 per month, or you can access it via Amazon Prime Video add-ons hub. Thus, it’ll act as a great substitute for your more usual TV subscription that you already have.

Third, the site makes sure that you can navigate fast and effectively due to the categories by different topics.

All in all, venturing more into documentaries can enrich your culture and help you converge with first-hand narratives both from the current times and previous epochs, nurturing your curiosity and analytical skills that you boast – since you’re already into this type of movies, right?

Shay Perry

Shay Perry

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