Popcornflix: great free alternative to Netflix

If you don’t want to pay the Netflix subscription fees or you want to look for some new movie libraries, Popcornflix is a pretty good choice to look into. It’s completely free and you don’t even need to register an account here.

What does it offer?

First, all of the movies are in DVD format, which means decent quality. Not HD, but still.

Second, throughout our research and testing we saw no issues with buffering. Although you might face some lags if your online connection is too slow, but we haven’t.

Third, navigation is pretty efficient with good categorization into genres.

In addition, there are two groupings that might help: New Arrivals and Most Popular. As usual, there are some ads, shown through the flicks, but they aren’t long (around 20 seconds) and there’s not a lot of them through a title.

The website has apps for both iOS and Android, making your life much easier when you want to watch from your smartphone. An additional cool feature is that you can leave comments to specific portions of films that other viewers like you will subsequently see.

Shay Perry

Shay Perry

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