IndiePix Unlimited: alternative to Netflix for festival indie movies

If you are looking for a streaming platform where you’ll find lots of titles from the festival circuit, IndiePix Unlimited is a good option to consider. This is a curated niche-specific site, which is in stark difference to Netflix and other similar one-stop-shop services.

Why you should find out more

First, it’s not expensive at all with the $6 monthly subscription tag, which can be a nice add-on for the packages you already own.

Second, there’s already 400 masterpieces awaiting your attention that have been carefully handpicked by the team of professional filmmakers and connoisseurs. You always know that when you want to have more indie and arthouse spirit in your living room, IndiePix is always ready to oblige.

Third, you can navigate around easily using a nifty list of categories.

But, at the same time, just letting go of the reins and submerging into the weird and quirky world of festival cinema, without constantly shifting around categories, can be just what you need for the cinephile in you.

Shay Perry

Shay Perry

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