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Imagine you have a big jar full of colorful candies, and you want to pick one randomly without looking. When you close your eyes and pick a candy, you don’t know which color you’ll get. This is called randomness, let’s write a python program for this.

Python Code :

The Below Python program randomly selects an element from a list:

import random

# Define a list of items
my_list = ["apple", "banana", "orange", "pear", "grape"]

# Use the random.choice() method to select a random item from the list
random_item = random.choice(my_list)

# Print the randomly selected item

In this program, we first import the random module, which provides functions for generating random numbers and values. We then define a list of items called my_list.

To select a random item from the list, we use the random.choice() method, which takes a sequence (such as a list) and returns a randomly selected item from that sequence. We pass our my_list variable as the argument to the random.choice() method to select a random item from the list.

Finally, we print the randomly selected item using the print() function. Each time we run the program, a different item will be randomly selected from the list. Ad Sponsored

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