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Merging mails typically refers to combining multiple emails or email threads into a single, unified message. This can be useful for organizing and summarizing a large number of emails, especially when they all relate to the same topic or project.

Mail merge is a process that allows you to create multiple personalized copies of a document or email using a template and a list of recipients. Rather than crafting each email or document individually, you can use a pre-designed template for the body of the message and merge it with a list of names, addresses, or other information to generate customized versions for each recipient. This can save time and effort, especially when you need to send out a large number of similar messages.

Python Code :

The below Python program performs a simple mail merge, using a template file and a list of names:

# Open the template file and read its contents
with open("template.txt", "r") as template_file:
    template =

# Define a list of names
names = ["Alice", "Bob", "Charlie", "Dave", "Eve"]

# Loop over each name in the list and perform the mail merge
for name in names:
    # Replace the placeholder string in the template with the current name
    message = template.replace("{{name}}", name)

    # Send the mail message (in this example, just print it to the console)


  1. The program opens a template file called “template.txt” using the open() function, and reads its contents into a variable called template.

  2. A list of names is defined using square brackets and commas, and stored in a variable called names.

  3. A for loop is used to iterate over each name in the names list. For each name, the replace() method is used to replace a placeholder string (in this case, “{{name}}”) in the template with the current name, and store the resulting message in a variable called message.

  4. Finally, the message variable is printed to the console. In a real mail merge application, this step would involve sending the message via email or some other method.

  5. Note that this is a very simple example of a mail merge, and there are many additional features that could be added, such as addressing the recipient by name, including custom fields, and using a more complex template file format. Ad Sponsored

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