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What is AI(Artificial Intelligence)? Explained [2022]

· One min read
Andrew B. Kelly

Artificial Intelligence or AI is used by us to mimic ourselves or to solve a complex human problem. This branch of computer science is extremely fascinating in how it has accelerated over the years.

Conceptually, artificial intelligence is nothing new. The first neural network propositions were made back in 1940. But thanks to the latest advancements in computational power, the theory has become reality.

But why does AI have so much hype? Will AI take over? How does AI work? What types of AI are there?

This is a comprehensive guide on what is Artificial Intelligence. After reading this guide, you have a better understanding of why AI is significant for humans. More importantly, you understand what AI means and how it works. You will also learn what types of AIs there are as well as what are the most popular applications of AI.