Collecting My Tesla Model 3 - Day In The Life

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7th February 2024 | 00:10:03

Collecting My Tesla Model 3 - Day In The Life

Collecting My Tesla Model 3 - Day In The Life

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TLDR: Ali, a doctor on a sabbatical, picked up his new Tesla Model 3 and gave his impressions of driving it. He found the acceleration and sound system to be particularly impressive. He also appreciated the quietness of the car, especially at low speeds. After charging the car, he did some work, joined a mentor session, and gave an interview about his productivity setup. He then went to the gym and came home to continue working on video scripts. He and his wife picked up takeaway and watched Modern Family before practicing a song.
Ali's New Tesla: A Transformative Day
7:30 AM: A Nutritious Start
The day begins in Sun Albans, just outside of London, where Ali resides at his mother's house. Mother, the epitome of kindness, prepares a hearty and nutritious breakfast of omelet, toast, butter, and jam, ensuring Ali starts his day on a healthy note. After washing the dishes, Ali showers, changes into a casual t-shirt, and settles down on his MacBook for a productive morning.
10:00 AM: Embracing the Tesla Experience
Ali and his brother embark on a journey to London Heathrow to collect Ali's new Tesla Model 3. In anticipation of the psychological phenomenon of hedonic adaptation, Ali reflects on the driving experience of his normal car. He contemplates the noise levels, acceleration, and comfort, acknowledging that it serves his needs adequately.
Upon arriving at the Tesla collection center, they join a queue of fellow Tesla enthusiasts. After a brief exchange with a Tesla representative, Ali receives a fancy card-like key instead of a traditional key. As they enter the car for the first time, they are greeted by a friendly voice asking them to name the car. Ali christens his new companion "Hermione."
First Impressions of the Tesla Model 3
Ali's initial driving experience with the Tesla Model 3 proves to be largely similar to that of his normal car. However, he notes a few key differences. The acceleration is notably impressive, providing a sense of power and responsiveness. The sound system is superior, delivering a more enjoyable audio experience. While the seat is comfortable, it feels similar to his previous car.
Productivity Boost: The Power of Project Lists
Back at home, Ali reflects on a productivity tip he recently learned: the concept of project lists. He emphasizes the importance of creating a list of ongoing projects, prioritizing them based on effort and attention required. This simple strategy, Ali discovered, can significantly enhance productivity.
Teaching Physiology and Embracing Technological Advancements
At 1:00 PM, Ali prepares for an upcoming physiology teaching session via Zoom for his first-year medical students. However, concentration proves challenging, leading him to seek a brief respite in his brother's bedroom for a rejuvenating nap.
Recharged and Refreshed
Upon waking, Ali warms up some leftover biryani for lunch, which he enjoys while watching "Modern Family" with his brother. Feeling re-energized, he heads out to a nearby service station to charge Hermione. While the car charges, Ali grabs a latte from Starbucks and attempts to work, but instead finds himself browsing Tesla accessories online.
Reflecting on the Supercharging Experience
After charging Hermione, Ali shares his thoughts on the supercharging experience. He commends the simplicity and convenience of the process, highlighting the ease of plugging in the car and the impressive charging speed. He also appreciates the quietness of the car, particularly at slower speeds.
Gym Session and Creative Pursuits
Upon returning home, Ali heads to the gym for a quick workout, motivated by his aspiration to become a Gymshark athlete. However, his audiobook, "Cricket Kingdom" by Leigh Bardugo, proves too captivating, and he ends up focusing primarily on that during his workout.
Evening Routine: Video Scripting and Takeaway Dinner
Later in the evening, Ali continues working on video scripts for his upcoming YouTube videos. He meticulously plans out the content and structure of each video, ensuring they provide value and entertainment to his viewers.
As the clock strikes 9:30 PM, Ali and his brother head out to pick up some grilled chicken takeaway. They return home and enjoy their meal while watching "Modern Family."
Singing Practice and a Day's End
Before calling it a night, Ali and his brother engage in a fun activity: practicing the harmonies of the song "Something Stupid" by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman. This playful moment brings their day to a close.
Ali concludes the vlog, expressing his gratitude to his viewers and inviting them to join him in the next episode. With that, day one of his unemployment diaries comes to an end.
##FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
1. What is the purpose of the "Unemployment Diaries" series?
Answer: The "Unemployment Diaries" series documents Dr. Ali's sabbatical from medicine, allowing him to focus on creating internet videos. This season aims to provide insights into his experiences and reflections during this transition.
2. What inspired Dr. Ali to start making vlogs?
Answer: Dr. Ali's passion for teaching and sharing knowledge drove him to create vlogs. He saw the potential of using video content to engage and inform a broader audience, and the sabbatical provided him with the opportunity to fully explore this medium.
3. What is the significance of Dr. Ali's Tesla Model 3 purchase?
Answer: The purchase of the Tesla Model 3 represents a significant change for Dr. Ali. It symbolizes his embrace of new technology and his interest in sustainable transportation. The car's features, such as the quiet operation and impressive acceleration, provide him with a unique driving experience.
4. What is the "Projects List" technique, and how does it enhance productivity?
Answer: The "Projects List" technique involves creating a comprehensive list of all ongoing projects, prioritizing them based on effort and attention required. This method helps Dr. Ali stay organized, focus on high-priority tasks, and avoid feeling overwhelmed by multiple projects. It streamlines his workflow and allows him to allocate his time and energy effectively.
5. What are Dr. Ali's impressions of the Tesla Model 3 after the first day of driving it?
Answer: Dr. Ali's initial experience with the Tesla Model 3 has been overwhelmingly positive. He highlights the car's quiet operation, impressive acceleration, and comfortable seats. He appreciates the feeling of power and control while driving, particularly when accelerating from a standstill or roundabout. The car's silent operation at low speeds also enhances his driving experience.
6. How does Dr. Ali balance his personal and professional life during his sabbatical?
Answer: Dr. Ali maintains a balance between personal and professional activities during his sabbatical. He incorporates regular exercise sessions at the gym to maintain his physical fitness and mental well-being. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his family, including his brother Tamo, and engaging in leisure activities such as watching TV shows and practicing music. These activities help him recharge and prevent burnout while still pursuing his productivity goals.

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