A RIDICULOUSLY Productive Day in my Life

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7th February 2024 | 00:09:41

A RIDICULOUSLY Productive Day in my Life

A RIDICULOUSLY Productive Day in my Life

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TLDR: A day in the life of a YouTuber, from waking up at 7:30 AM to winding down at 11:15 PM. The YouTuber fills their day with productive activities such as art lessons, writing, exercise, and filming videos. However, the YouTuber also struggles with procrastination and gives into temptations like pizza and crepes. The day ends with the YouTuber watching Friends and taking an online course on Brilliant.
A Day in the Life: A Journey of Productivity and Discovery
As the sun peeked through the curtains, I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 AM, feeling groggy and unmotivated. After a few minutes of lying there, negotiating with myself, I finally mustered the strength to get up, remove my mouth tape and Invisalign braces, and hop into the shower to awaken my senses.
The invigorating water droplets cascaded over my body, washing away the remnants of sleep and setting the tone for a productive day ahead. Once refreshed, I proceeded to boil the kettle, empty the dishwasher, and brew a cup of black coffee, preparing for the first productive activity of the day: my 8 AM art lesson.
I eagerly joined a Zoom call with my art teacher, Alessandro, and we delved into a session of human anatomy practice using Procreate on my iPad. With my overhead camera rig, I showcased my work, and Alessandro provided valuable pointers and guidance. This lesson was a step towards my 2021 goal of becoming proficient in concept art, a skill I aspire to master to illustrate scenes from my favorite fantasy books.
At 9:15 AM, I concluded the art lesson and headed to the kitchen to prepare a delectable breakfast of chicken sausage, eggs, and beans, aligning with my commitment to healthy eating and my pursuit of becoming a gym shark athlete. While the meal heated in the microwave, I engaged in some mobility exercises, setting the stage for an intense workout later in the day.
By 9:25 AM, I sat down to enjoy my breakfast, accompanied by videos from Karma Medic and Graham Stefan on YouTube. With my daily dose of YouTube inspiration complete, it was time to return to productivity.
As an aspiring author, I had set a goal of writing 2,000 words daily. After my morning rituals, I positioned myself at my MacBook station in the living room, plugged in my new AirPods Max (admittedly a tad overpriced, but oh so immersive), and commenced my writing session. The Spotify study-with-me playlist filled the air, providing a conducive atmosphere for deep work.
My writing delved into the realm of social sciences research, exploring the similarities and differences between happiness and meaning. I sought to understand the factors that contribute to a meaningful and happy life, recognizing the subtle nuances between these two emotions. Numerous studies have been conducted on this topic, and I immersed myself in the findings, gaining insights and perspectives.
By 10:30 AM, I had managed to produce only 700 words, falling short of my 2,000-word target. According to my schedule, it was time for a home workout, but procrastination got the better of me, and I found myself scrolling through my phone for half an hour.
Finally, at 11 AM, I shook off the lethargy and resolved to exercise. A quick trip to the restroom and a load of laundry later, I embarked on my workout routine at 11:30 AM, an hour behind schedule. For the next hour, I pushed myself through a series of exercises, including kettlebell squat press, decline push-ups, and mountain climbers, followed by kettlebell deadlift, single arm rows, and split squats. As I endured the intense workout, I listened to "The Pillars of the Earth," a new historical fiction series on Audible, immersing myself in the captivating narrative.
Post-workout, I prepared my lunch, ensuring a balanced intake of 60 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbs, and 24 grams of fat, in pursuit of my six-pack abs goal. From 1 PM to 2 PM, I engaged in two Zoom calls with individuals from across the globe. One was a doctor from London eager to discuss the value of coaching, while the other was a clinical psychologist from Philadelphia who offered perspectives on my life.
At 2 PM, I made a cup of coffee, grabbed a banana, and tackled the dreaded task of hanging the laundry. Amidst this domestic chore, my housemate Sheen, also known as Lucifer, tempted me with a slice of pizza. Unable to resist the savory aroma, I succumbed to the temptation, indulging in a single slice, the only culinary deviation permitted within my strict macros for the day.
By 2:35 PM, I was ready to film a video. I arranged the camera, tidied up my desk, and changed into a more presentable outfit, opting for a blue shirt and jeans. With Sheen's assistance in adjusting my attire, I aimed to project a more mature and sophisticated image, aligning with my goal of finding a wife in 2021. However, temptation struck again as Sheen enticed me with another slice of pizza, which I promised would be my last pizza of the year.
The video filming commenced at 3:30 PM, and at 5:45 PM, I joined a mastermind call with friends and business associates. During this two-hour session, each participant had 15 minutes to discuss challenges in their businesses and receive advice from the group. Amidst the brainstorming and problem-solving, I took a brief break to drive to Anglia Orthodontics for a checkup. Dr. Francis Scriven, the orthodontist, shaved some enamel off my teeth to facilitate their inward movement, bringing me a step closer to my winning smile and my quest for a wife.
Upon returning home, I prepared dinner, engaged in a video-making co-working session with fellow alumni of my Part-Time YouTuber Academy, and wrapped up the day with a group call planning sessions for the second cohort of our academy.
As the clock struck 11 PM, I found myself watching "Friends" with Sheen, still in need of writing 1,350 words to meet my daily target of 2,000 words. However, exhaustion had set in, and the allure of sleep, mindfulness, and relaxation proved too strong. I decided to prioritize my well-being over the arbitrary goal, acknowledging that making up for the lost words the following day was a more sustainable approach.
To conclude the day on a stimulating note, I indulged in an online course on Brilliant, a fantastic platform offering engaging and interactive courses in maths, science, and computer science. I delved into a course on cryptocurrencies, aiming to understand the intricacies of cryptographic signatures and their role in powering currencies like Bitcoin. The course provided valuable insights into the world of blockchain technology and the recent bull run of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
As the day drew to a close at 11:15 PM, Sheen and I watched a few more episodes of "Friends," unwinding after a day filled with productivity, learning, and moments of temptation. The day had been a journey of discovery, reminding me of the importance of balance, self-care, and the pursuit of knowledge.
##FAQ: Q: What are some of the activities that Ali Abdaal engages in during his ridiculously productive day?
A: Ali Abdaal's day is jam-packed with various activities aimed at maximizing productivity and achieving personal goals. He begins with an art lesson on Procreate, focusing on human anatomy, followed by a delectable breakfast of chicken sausage, eggs, and beans. Throughout the day, he dedicates time to writing, exercise, video filming, and attending mastermind and homework club sessions. He also makes progress on his book, researches psychological counseling techniques, and indulges in some online learning with Brilliant.
Q: What is Ali Abdaal's motivation for pursuing this rigorous schedule?
A: Ali Abdaal's overarching goal is to become a "ridiculously productive" individual, effectively utilizing his time and achieving significant progress in various aspects of his life. This includes improving his artistic skills, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, developing his writing prowess, and exploring new concepts through online courses. Additionally, he aims to document his journey and inspire others to embrace productivity and personal growth.
Q: How does Ali Abdaal maintain focus and avoid burnout while adhering to such a demanding routine?
A: Ali Abdaal acknowledges the importance of striking a balance between productivity and well-being. He incorporates mindfulness and relaxation techniques into his daily routine, recognizing that sleep, mindfulness, and relaxation are crucial for maintaining mental and physical health. He avoids setting arbitrary and overly ambitious goals, opting instead for a more flexible approach that allows for adjustments and prevents burnout.
Q: What advice would Ali Abdaal give to individuals seeking to enhance their own productivity?
A: Ali Abdaal emphasizes the significance of setting realistic and achievable goals, rather than imposing rigid targets that can lead to frustration and discouragement. He encourages individuals to experiment with different productivity techniques and find what works best for them, adapting their strategies based on their unique circumstances and preferences. Additionally, he advocates for embracing breaks and relaxation periods to maintain motivation and prevent burnout, ensuring a sustainable approach to productivity.
Q: How can individuals connect with Ali Abdaal and learn more about his productivity strategies?
A: Ali Abdaal actively engages with his audience through various platforms, including his YouTube channel, social media accounts, and online courses. He frequently shares insights into his productivity methods, personal experiences, and challenges, providing valuable guidance and inspiration to those seeking to enhance their own productivity. Individuals can subscribe to his YouTube channel, follow him on social media, and explore his online courses to delve deeper into his strategies and gain practical knowledge for achieving their own productivity goals.

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