My Husband Is Not On Board With Family Moving In


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My Husband Is Not On Board With Family Moving In

My Husband Is Not On Board With Family Moving In

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TLDR: - The caller, Indica, and her husband have been struggling financially for the past 4-5 years and are in debt.
  • Indica's father-in-law is 74, has health issues, and is in a financial hole.
  • There is talk of him moving in with Indica and her husband, but Indica is worried about the financial and emotional strain it would put on their marriage.
  • Dave advises Indica to give her husband and his father time to grieve and heal before bringing up the issue of moving in.
  • If moving in is suggested, Indica should honestly express her concerns and set boundaries.
  • Indica should focus on strengthening her marriage and finances before considering taking on additional responsibility.
  • Dave recommends seeking marriage counseling and participating in Financial Peace University for guidance and tools.
Amidst the rolling plains of Kansas, a tale of financial struggle, familial duty, and marital strife unfolds. Indica, a 43-year-old wife and mother, finds herself at a crossroads, burdened by years of financial missteps and the recent passing of her mother-in-law. With her husband, 39, by her side, they navigate the complexities of grief, familial obligations, and the looming threat of her father-in-law's dire financial situation.
Their combined income of $85,000 after taxes should, in theory, provide a comfortable living. However, a history of poor financial decisions has left them mired in debt. Indica recognizes the need for a financial overhaul, but the prospect of confronting her husband during his time of grief seems daunting.
Complicating matters further is the potential relocation of her father-in-law, a 74-year-old man with a litany of health issues, including strokes, heart attacks, and severe short-term memory loss. The prospect of him moving in with them fills Indica with trepidation, fearing the additional financial and emotional burden it would impose on their already strained household.
Indica's brother suggests that their father move closer to Kansas City, where his doctors are located. This proposal sparks a heated debate within the family. Indica's concerns about the impact it would have on their marriage and finances clash with her husband's desire to support his father.
In the midst of this emotional turmoil, Indica seeks guidance from Dave Ramsey, a renowned financial expert known for his practical approach to debt elimination and financial planning. Dave listens intently to Indica's story, offering both empathy and sage advice.
Recognizing the delicate balance between supporting family and preserving her marriage, Dave advises Indica to give her husband and his family time to grieve and process their emotions. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding confrontations or ultimatums during this sensitive period.
Dave suggests that Indica and her husband focus on strengthening their marriage and improving their financial situation before addressing the issue of her father-in-law's living arrangements. He recommends seeking professional help through marriage counseling and enrolling in Financial Peace University, a comprehensive financial education program.
Dave's measured approach resonates with Indica. She realizes the futility of forcing a decision amidst the emotional turmoil and agrees to give her husband and his family the space they need to heal. She resolves to work on her marriage, improve their financial situation, and address the issue of her father-in-law's living arrangements when the time is right.
As Indica hangs up the phone, a sense of hope and determination washes over her. She knows the road ahead will not be easy, but she is armed with a renewed sense of purpose and the support of a community that understands her struggles.
Indica and her husband embark on a journey of self-improvement and financial recovery. They attend marriage counseling sessions, diligently follow the principles of Financial Peace University, and gradually regain control of their finances.
Months later, Indica's father-in-law's situation has stabilized. He decides to remain in his current location, opting for in-home care rather than moving in with his children. This decision brings a collective sigh of relief to Indica and her husband, who can now focus on their marriage and building a secure financial future for themselves and their family.
Through their unwavering commitment to each other, their dedication to improving their financial literacy, and the unwavering support of their community, Indica and her husband emerge from their trials stronger and more resilient than ever before. Their story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, the importance of seeking help when needed, and the transformative impact of financial education.
1. What is the primary concern of the caller?
  • The caller is primarily concerned about the potential impact on her marriage and finances if her father-in-law moves in with them. She fears that it will strain their relationship and worsen their financial situation.
2. How long has the caller been struggling with financial and marital issues?
  • The caller has been struggling with financial issues for the past 4-5 years, and there have been marital issues throughout the 16 years of their marriage.
3. What is the current financial situation of the caller and her husband?
  • The caller and her husband make a combined income of approximately $85,000 after taxes. However, they have accumulated debt and are struggling to manage their finances effectively.
4. What is the current marital status of the caller and her husband?
  • The caller's marriage has been strained due to financial issues and a lack of communication. She is concerned that her husband's grief over his mother's recent passing and the potential move of his father may further deteriorate their relationship.
5. What is the caller's father-in-law's current situation?
  • The caller's father-in-law is 74 years old and has several health issues, including a history of strokes, heart attacks, and bypass surgeries. He also has short-term memory issues, raising concerns about his ability to take care of himself.
6. What is the potential impact of the father-in-law moving in with the caller and her husband?
  • The caller fears that if her father-in-law moves in with them, it will increase their financial burden and add to the mental stress they are already experiencing. She is also concerned that it will further weaken their marriage.
7. What is the caller's husband's stance on his father moving in with them?
  • The caller's husband is currently grieving the loss of his mother and is also concerned about his father's well-being. He has not yet made a decision about whether or not his father should move in with them.
8. What advice does Dave Ramsey give to the caller?
  • Dave Ramsey advises the caller to give her husband and his family time to grieve and work through their options for the father-in-law's living situation. He recommends that she avoid bringing up the subject of her father-in-law moving in with them during this emotional time.
  • He also suggests that the caller and her husband seek marriage counseling and enroll in Financial Peace University to address their marital and financial issues.

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