I'm 42 And Want To Be A Plumber. Is This A Good Idea?


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I'm 42 And Want To Be A Plumber. Is This A Good Idea?

I'm 42 And Want To Be A Plumber. Is This A Good Idea?

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TLDR: Angie's goal is to become a plumber through a paid apprenticeship program. However, the program will significantly reduce her income and delay her debt payoff. Dave suggests focusing on eliminating debt first, which should take about two years with their combined income. Once debt-free, Angie can pursue the apprenticeship without financial constraints.
Navigating Career Transitions and Financial Goals: A Comprehensive Guide
Angie from Connecticut reached out to Dave Ramsey's show seeking guidance on a significant career decision she was contemplating. Her current administrative nursing job had reached a salary cap, leaving her feeling stuck and unmotivated. Angie's passion, however, lay in the trade field, particularly plumbing. She had discovered an intriguing apprenticeship program that offered paid training over five years. The program promised a certificate upon completion and the potential to earn a substantial income as a licensed plumber.
Angie's primary concern was whether she should prioritize paying off her and her husband's $40,000 debt before pursuing the apprenticeship program or if she should take a step back financially to embark on this new career path. While the apprenticeship program seemed like an exciting opportunity, Angie was hesitant to take a significant pay cut from her current $45,000 annual salary to the potential $15-85 hourly wage offered by the program.
Dave Ramsey, known for his no-nonsense approach to personal finance, provided valuable insights to Angie's situation. He emphasized the importance of paying off debt as a top priority, highlighting the financial freedom and opportunities it unlocks. He advised Angie to focus on hustling and increasing her income alongside her husband, who earned $20,000 annually part-time, to accelerate their debt repayment.
Dave suggested that Angie thoroughly investigate the apprenticeship program, gathering detailed information about its curriculum, requirements, and potential earnings. He cautioned against relying solely on a brochure and encouraged her to speak with individuals who had completed the program to gain a realistic understanding of the commitment and rewards involved.
While Angie was eager to pursue her passion for plumbing, Dave emphasized the significance of financial stability and the need to balance her career aspirations with her financial goals. He pointed out that taking on additional debt or extending the debt repayment period could hinder her ability to achieve long-term financial security.
Dave's advice centered on achieving a debt-free status before embarking on the apprenticeship program. This strategic approach would provide Angie with more flexibility and control over her financial future. She could then pursue her plumbing career without the burden of debt, allowing her to seize opportunities and make informed decisions without financial constraints.
Dave's guidance resonated with Angie, who recognized the wisdom in his advice. She committed to intensifying her efforts towards debt repayment, exploring side hustles to generate additional income, and diligently investigating the plumbing apprenticeship program. Angie acknowledged that the path to her dream career might require patience and perseverance, but she was determined to achieve both financial stability and personal fulfillment.
As Angie embarked on her journey towards financial freedom and career change, she felt empowered and motivated. She embraced Dave's principles, understanding that prioritizing debt repayment would ultimately lead to greater opportunities and a more fulfilling life. Angie's story serves as a reminder that with careful planning, determination, and a commitment to financial responsibility, it is possible to navigate career transitions and achieve long-term financial goals.
##FAQ: Q: Why is Angie considering taking a step back to pursue a plumbing apprenticeship program?
A: Angie is interested in pursuing a trade field, particularly plumbing, and has found an appealing apprenticeship program that is paid. However, she is currently employed in a nursing administrative role, and her salary has reached a plateau due to the lack of further opportunities for advancement without additional education.
Q: What is the financial impact of Angie's decision to pursue the apprenticeship program?
A: Angie's current household income with her husband is $65,000 annually. Taking on the apprenticeship program would result in a significant decrease in her income, as the starting wage for apprentices is around $15-$25 per hour. Moreover, the apprenticeship program requires two night classes per week, potentially limiting her ability to supplement her income with a side hustle.
Q: What is the timeline for Angie to become debt-free if she continues her current job?
A: Angie and her husband have a combined debt of $40,000. With their current income, they could potentially become debt-free in approximately two years by hustling and making extra payments.
Q: Is it advisable for Angie to pursue the apprenticeship program immediately or wait until she is debt-free?
A: It is recommended that Angie continues working in her current job and focuses on becoming debt-free before pursuing the apprenticeship program. Taking a significant step back in income now would prolong the time it takes to eliminate their debt and limit their financial flexibility.
Q: Are there alternative options for Angie to explore while working towards becoming debt-free?
A: Angie can consider taking online courses or attending night classes related to plumbing or other trade fields to gain knowledge and skills in preparation for the apprenticeship program. She can also explore part-time work opportunities or side hustles that align with her interests and schedule.
Q: What is the potential long-term benefit of Angie pursuing the plumbing apprenticeship program?
A: Completing the apprenticeship program would provide Angie with a state-issued license as a plumber, opening up career opportunities in the trade field. Plumbers are in high demand, and the job offers good earning potential and job security.

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