HUGE Google & Nvidia AI Announcements - Cloud Next 2023 Supercut


9th February 2024 | 00:29:54

HUGE Google & Nvidia AI Announcements - Cloud Next 2023 Supercut

HUGE Google & Nvidia AI Announcements - Cloud Next 2023 Supercut

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TLDR: Google Cloud Next 2023 focused on AI advancements. Vertex AI allows developers to integrate generative AI into their apps using models like PaLM 2 and Imagen. Duet AI is now generally available in Google Workspace, enabling users to write code, deploy apps and more. Google Cloud's partnership with NVIDIA provides access to advanced AI accelerators and capabilities. Expansions to Vertex AI include search, conversations, and extensions. Security was a key theme, with emphasis on Mandiant intelligence and Chronicle security operations. AI-powered summaries and searches help analysts identify threats faster. Duet AI assists in cyber security by generating AI summaries, searching for patterns, and recommending actions.
Unleashing the Power of Generative AI: A Paradigm Shift in Cloud Computing
Introduction: A New Era of Innovation
We stand at the cusp of a technological revolution, an era where generative AI promises to reshape industries, redefine human interaction, and unlock unprecedented possibilities. Google Cloud, at the forefront of this transformative journey, unveiled a suite of groundbreaking innovations designed to empower businesses and individuals to harness the boundless potential of generative AI.
1. Generative AI: A Foundation for Innovation
Generative AI, a subset of artificial intelligence, possesses the remarkable ability to create new content, data, and insights from existing information. Unlike traditional AI models that analyze and interpret data, generative AI takes a creative leap, synthesizing novel outputs that mirror human-generated content. This paradigm shift opens new avenues for innovation, enabling us to tackle complex challenges with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.
2. Unveiling Google's Generative AI Infrastructure
To meet the demands of this transformative technology, Google Cloud introduced a cutting-edge AI infrastructure, a symphony of computational power, specialized accelerators, and meticulously designed software tools. This infrastructure serves as the bedrock for developing and deploying generative AI models, ensuring exceptional performance, scalability, and reliability.
a) A3 Virtual Machines: Unleashing the Power of NVIDIA's H100 GPUs
Google Cloud proudly unveiled the A3 virtual machines, powered by NVIDIA's latest H100 accelerated GPUs. These virtual machines, optimized for AI workloads, deliver blazing-fast training speeds, enhanced networking bandwidth, and exceptional cost-effectiveness. The A3 virtual machines empower enterprises to tackle demanding AI tasks, accelerating innovation and unlocking new frontiers of productivity.
b) Expanding Partnership with NVIDIA: A Catalyst for Generative AI
Google Cloud and NVIDIA, two industry giants, announced an expanded partnership, a testament to their shared vision of advancing generative AI. This collaboration encompasses several key initiatives:
  • Integration of Serverless Spark with NVIDIA Acceleration Libraries and GPUs: This integration enables seamless acceleration of data science workloads, empowering data scientists with the tools they need to harness the full potential of generative AI.
  • Introducing Pax ML: A groundbreaking large language model framework built on Jax, OpenXLA, and the collective expertise of Google and NVIDIA engineers, Pax ML empowers researchers and developers to push the boundaries of AI research and development.
  • NVIDIA DGX Cloud on Google Cloud: The convergence of NVIDIA's DGX Cloud and Google Cloud's infrastructure promises to revolutionize generative AI development. This integration will provide researchers and enterprises with instant access to NVIDIA's AI supercomputer, accelerating innovation and unlocking new possibilities.
3. Vertex AI: A Platform for Generative AI Success
Vertex AI, Google Cloud's foundational platform for AI development and deployment, received significant enhancements, positioning it as the ideal platform for building and scaling generative AI applications.
a) Vertex AI Search and Conversations: Unifying Search and Conversational AI
Vertex AI Search and Conversations, two powerful new services, empower developers to create sophisticated search and conversational experiences with remarkable ease. These services seamlessly integrate with enterprise data sources, enabling users to access information from various repositories, including documents, databases, and even the vast expanse of the internet.
b) Vertex AI Extensions: Bridging the Gap Between AI and Business Applications
Vertex AI Extensions serve as a bridge between AI models and business applications, enabling seamless data exchange and real-time transaction execution. This integration empowers developers to build AI-powered applications that interact with enterprise systems, automate tasks, and deliver personalized experiences.
c) Vertex AI Model Enhancements: Unlocking New Frontiers of Generative AI
Google Cloud unveiled significant upgrades to its Vertex AI models, expanding their capabilities and unlocking new possibilities for generative AI applications:
  • Palm 2: This enhanced text model boasts a four-fold increase in input token length, enabling it to process extensive documents with greater efficiency and accuracy.
  • Kodi: The latest version of the text-to-code model delivers a remarkable 25% improvement in code generation quality, enabling developers to create high-quality code with greater ease.
  • Imagine: The upgraded text-to-image model generates images of exceptional quality, transforming textual descriptions into visually stunning creations.
  • Industry-Specific Models: Vertex AI now offers industry-specific models tailored to healthcare, cybersecurity, and other domains, empowering businesses to address their unique challenges with pre-trained AI solutions.
4. Duet AI: A Conversational AI Co-pilot for Every Task
Duet AI, Google Cloud's conversational AI platform, has reached a new milestone, transitioning from preview to general availability. This powerful tool empowers users across various Google Workspace applications, including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Meet, to seamlessly integrate AI assistance into their daily workflows. Duet AI serves as a writing assistant, spreadsheet expert, project manager, note-taker, and creative visual designer, enhancing productivity and unlocking new levels of efficiency.
a) Duet AI in Google Workspace: Revolutionizing Collaboration and Productivity
Duet AI's integration with Google Workspace introduces a paradigm shift in collaboration and productivity, transforming the way users interact with technology:
  • Real-Time Teleprompter in Google Meet: Duet AI introduces a groundbreaking real-time teleprompter for Google Meet, ensuring presenters deliver their messages with confidence and clarity. The teleprompter follows the speaker's voice, adapts to changes in pace, and supports impromptu deviations from prepared remarks.
  • Interactive Catch-Up Mode: For attendees joining meetings in progress, Duet AI provides an interactive catch-up mode, summarizing key discussion points and offering real-time captions in over 300 languages. This feature ensures that everyone is on the same page, regardless of their time of arrival.
  • Proactive Assistance: Duet AI anticipates users' needs, offering proactive suggestions and assistance. From generating summaries to suggesting creative ideas, Duet AI empowers users to achieve more with less effort.
b) Duet AI in Google Cloud: Expanding Preview Capabilities
Duet AI's preview capabilities in Google Cloud are expanding, empowering developers to create AI-powered applications with enhanced functionality:
  • Code Generation: Duet AI now enables developers to generate
Q: What is generative AI, and how does Google Cloud's infrastructure support it?
A: Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence capable of creating new and original data, such as text, images, or code, from scratch. Google Cloud's infrastructure supports generative AI through its powerful AI supercomputing systems, which combine TPU and GPU accelerators, high-performance AI-optimized storage, scalable networking offloads, and water cooling. These systems provide the necessary performance and scalability to train and deploy generative AI models effectively.
Q: What are the benefits of using Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform for building apps using generative AI models?
A: Vertex AI offers several benefits for developers building applications with generative AI models. It provides a foundation for consuming generative AI LLMs, integrates with NVIDIA's latest h100 GPUs for enhanced performance, includes pre-built models and industry-specific models, ensures data privacy and security, and offers extensions for connecting models to third-party applications and data sources.
Q: How does Vertex AI Search enhance the search experience, and what are the key features of Vertex AI Conversation?
A: Vertex AI Search modernizes enterprise search by retrieving and synthesizing information from various sources like document repositories, databases, SAS applications, websites, and the internet. Its key features include multimodal search (text and images), multi-turn conversations for refined results, answer generation from model knowledge, and integration with Vertex AI extensions for real-time information retrieval and transaction execution.
Vertex AI Conversation enables the creation of powerful and natural chat experiences. It supports multi-turn conversations, retrieves answers from SAS and data sources, allows for transactions by updating information in business applications, interacts in multiple languages, transcribes conversations, and summarizes conversations.
Q: How does Duet AI simplify the use of generative AI models for everyday tasks in Google Workspace and Google Cloud?
A: Duet AI simplifies the use of generative AI models by providing an integrated chat experience that masks the complexity of underlying models. It acts as a writing helper, spreadsheet expert, project manager, note taker, creative visual designer, coder, SRE engineer, data engineer, data analyst, and cyber security pro, assisting users with various tasks within Google Workspace and Google Cloud.
Q: How does Google Cloud prioritize security in its AI and cyber security offerings?
A: Google Cloud places a strong emphasis on security in its AI and cyber security solutions. It leverages frontline intelligence and expertise from Mandiant, a leading cyber security company, to stay informed about the latest threats and attack methods. Google Cloud offers a modern security operations platform called Chronicle, which enables security teams to detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats effectively. Additionally, Google Cloud provides a secure-by-design and secure-by-default Cloud platform that has experienced 75% fewer critical and high-severity vulnerabilities since 2020 compared to other major Cloud providers.

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